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Etiquette for 2016 and beyond – Textiquette (texting with good etiquette)

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Ahh, the "good ole days" when we used a phone for what Alexander Graham Bell intended it for. These days, phones are rarely used to hear someone's voice. Texting has become the faster more convenient way to communicate. The only problem with this new form of communication is that it is difficult to convey tone and messages are often misinterpreted or incomplete. When this happens, etiquette standards can be violated without your knowledge.

Below is a guide on what I refer to as "textiquette" to help navigate this new(ish) form of communication.

1.Know your audience

Be certain your text is appropriate for the receiver. You should text one way with friends and family and in a completely different style with work superiors, co-workers or customers.

2.Be short and sweet

There is no need to write paragraphs when sending a text. If you have that much to say, write an email or dial the phone.

3.Be clear

Remember, tone can easily be misinterpreted in a text message, which in turn can cause conflict. Make certain your text is clear before hitting the send button

4.Respond in a timely manner

When you receive a text the sender expects a prompt response. Unless you are unavailable, try to respond quickly otherwise it may look as though you just don’t care.

5.Use symbols and emojis sparingly

There are just two things to remember here. Do not use emojis for any business related text and when in doubt, leave them out.

6.Be patient

Give the recipient time to respond before sending multiple messages

7. Be aware of when to end the conversation

Similar to a telephone conversation running its course, be aware of when the other person is ready to stop texting.

8.Stay clear of ALL CAPS

No one likes to feel as though they are being scolded. Take off the caps lock.

Texting has become part of our everyday life. Let's all try to add a little extra thought before we hit the send button. 


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